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Partnering with Planet Beast

Hi everyone, jakimfett here. It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything here, and I apologize for that. But I want to let everyone know what has been going on, and what will be happening in the next few weeks.

I’ve been extremely busy IRL, and I just didn’t have the time to properly maintain or moderate PiCraft. So, I sort of let it go. I kept the server online (well, most of the time…) but I couldn’t really do anything else. Phiknight (aka n00bsaus) did some excellent work, but he’s also got some IRL stuff going on, so PiCraft kinda got forgotten.

About two months ago, I started playing Feed the Beast. FTB is an industrial themed modpack, sort of like an upgraded and updated Tekkit. As of last night, I’m switching PiCraft over to run a 1.5.2 cluster of Minigames (vanilla), FTB Unleashed (the Unleashed FTB modpack), and potentially several others. Everything will be running version 1.5.2 so if you’re running the Unleashed modpack, you can jump from server to server.

This change is in partnership with Planet Beast, a top 20 Feed the Beast server that I’ve been working with for the last couple of months. I encourage you to go take a look at their website, hop on Teamspeak and say hi, and join us on the new and improved PiCraft/PlanetBeast partnership server.

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Things went Boom

Disconnection happens. But almost never from us. Sorry about that, it’s fixed now…


At about 11am PST, I switched the server from the old router (which was causing lag) to the new router. This caused a chain of events that knocked the server offline for about 3-4 hours. This is the longest the server has been offline since I moved last November.

I also haven’t had the time to update the blog here as often. Between my wedding, getting a part time job, and then the start of the school semester, things got a bit crazy, and I chose to spend the time making sure the server is in top condition, rather than writing about how it wasn’t. Here is a quick update.

First, some old-ish news. PiCraft has a Facebook Page, and it’d be awesome if you’d go ‘Like’ it. If you need help with something quickly, the Facebook page emails me whenever someone new comments on it, so I’ll see whatever you post immediately.

I also just put up a post on Reddit. If you are a user of that site, you can now find us there, as well. I’ll try to keep an eye on the page, and answer any questions that come up there.

There are a ton of new game modes that I added in the last month or so. PiCraft has Factions, Survival Games/Hunger Games, SkyBlock, Zombieland/DayZ, McMMO, Warhub, Skylands, Creative, and Tag. Phiknight has put together a YouTube video showing a few of them off.



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Server Gaming Event Today

Well, it’s on short notice, but today is the first official PiCraft server event. The event starts at 1pm Pacific Standard Time (take a look at the time zone tool here if you aren’t sure how that compares to your time zone) and will go until 4pm or we run out of fun stuff to do.

What’s going on, you ask? Well, first of all, we’re all going to pile into the Warhub and play a few games of Capture the Flag, Spleef, and Castle Wars. These are all new games since the merge, and I know some of you have already played a few of them.

After we’ve played Warhub for a while, there’s going to be a Factions event where you can fight for control of several locations (for prizes and neat loot!), and once that is done, there will be a Factions arena fight, where any faction that wants to can battle wave after wave of monsters to win increasingly awesome prizes.

Time to break out the gas masks and crowbars…

Ultimately though, the reason for today’s event is so that PhiKnight, one of our new admins (who also happens to be a fairly decent film maker) is going to take a lot of videos of us playing, and use them in a youtube video.

What’s the purpose of the video? Other than to attract more awesome people to the server, the video is going to be used to announce the upcoming Zombie Urban Survival Map (using the new adventure mode). The map isn’t ready yet, but I’m definitely going to let you all know when it goes live, because when it does, there’s going to be another event.


Update: I’m adding the Zombie Survival Map today. Get your crowbars, and prepare for adventure…

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Merged server online

Published on June 30, 2012 by in General Info


Please wait, merging...

PiCraft and DissonanceV are officially merged as of about 4:39am PST this morning.

UPDATE: I imported all the warps from the old DissonanceV server, so the [warp] signs near the DissonanceV spawn will work (mostly) now. I’m aware that nobody can build in the DissonanceV world, I’m talking to Phiknight about this, because I’m not sure if he did that on purpose.

Read more…

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I’m back

Published on June 27, 2012 by in General Info

I'm back.

I’m back. And things are going to get crazy. Really really crazy.

First off, I’ve mention several times that there is going to be a server merger. That happens this week.  Read more…

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